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COVID-19 Abstract

Everyone pays their respects

For most black South Africans, funerals combine traditional African and Christian elements.

When a family is bereaved, people will travel long distances to attend both the funeral and the days of ritual in the run-up. These include repeatedly visiting the family at home to pay respects and to lend a helping hand with the preparations.

Livestock also needs to be slaughtered in order to feed the anticipated guests, the cooking needs to be done, often at close quarters, and in rural areas, the grave needs to be dug, with people sometimes sharing the same pick and shovel.

Those who attend the ceremonies are not necessarily intimately known to the bereaved family. They could be from the local church, the burial society, or simply a passer-by who hears of the tragedy and wants to show their support.

Everyone is welcome.


G-Green Burien broadcasted our Father's funeral. They did a splendid job. They transmitted to people outside the church building to make them part of the service (in line with Covid Protocols). The team aired the funeral on Facebook for those who could not be at the funeral. They included videos provided at the last minute on their displays . What stood out is how they adjusted their service when there was load shedding. Despite engaging them two days before the funeral. 

Mr. Mokata Mokgoebo

Satisfied Customer