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Live The Moment


Flexible Streaming Options

With an option to stream a part or the full service for your guests, the power is in your hands.

Donate to 'Collections'

Keep to the age old community tradition of donating to 'collections' for the bereaved family

Just Videography

Capture the passing moment & keep a recording for a lifetime of memories.

Photos, Photos & More Photos

Smile for the camera and get high quality photos in digital & print form.


Burien Digital Memorial Service

Adapt to the most innovative digital solution to grieve and bid farewell to your loved one

LCD Screen Display

Display an LCD Screen in the tent/church to encourage friends and neighbours to stay at home and join the graveside burial via live stream

Life In Pictures (LIP)

Remember the family trip where he really showed how much he cared for you, in a LIP Video

PA System & Sound

Treat your guests to the best audio experience, you will thank us later